The Number One Thing Home Buyers Want to See is a Clutter Free Home

Being clean, well maintained, neutral or even updated just can’t out-rank tidiness. Even though a home offers solid value, if clutter interferes with buyers’ perception of it, all those other attributes won’t matter in the least. Here are five reasons to declutter before marketing your home.


  1. A clutter free home seems well maintained.

While actually doing the maintenance can’t be ignored, if you fail to declutter, your maintenance efforts will be overshadowed. Even buyers who are flexible about doing a few jobs will feel stressed and overwhelmed in a cluttered environment. They’ll imagine your house is neglected and needs too much work.


  1. Clutter distracts buyers from the good features of a house.

A potential buyer needs to easily visualize his own belongings in the home. But, how can he imagine his gourmet coffee machine on a counter already filled with your dishes and small appliances? Where will he see his dressers fitting into a bedroom lined with your bins, and baskets? He may never notice special detail and features if your collections catch his attention instead. Nine out of ten people have trouble visualizing; make it easy for them to imagine living in your house.

  1. Clutter makes a home seem smaller.

Square footage and storage space are valuable. The more spacious your house seems, the higher its perceived value. Since a tidy place appears larger, you can add value to your house simply by decluttering, purging and organizing.


  1. Clutter makes visitors feel uncomfortable.

The longer a viewer stays in a house the more likely he is to make an offer. An untidy house creates a feeling of chaos and disharmony, making potential buyers want to bolt as soon they can.


  1. Even people who live with their own clutter don’t want to see yours. They aspire to better things.

You are selling lifestyle as much as real estate. Buyers want a lifestyle where their space is effortlessly kept tidy and organized, with ample storage for all their belongings.  They want a space where they will be proud to invite guests. They want a sanctuary where they feel calm and relaxed. An orderly and clutter free home enhances this emotional aspect of the sale.


Tidiness is more than a virtue; it’s a necessity for selling. Unfortunately, most of us are so used to our clutter, we no longer recognize it as such. We’ve learned to ignore things that are out of place. Maybe we have accumulated to the point where many things don’t even have places!

If you are preparing your house for sale, you need an impartial person with a fresh eye to point out what needs to be removed or stowed away. Call  or contact Well Dressed Home to learn the extra value of becoming ‘clutter free’.