Decorating is the Solution to Functional Spaces

Whether your home is spacious or limited in square feet, decorating your space to really work with your lifestyle will have you more productive and allow you to enjoy your time at home. Many of us have unused rooms, leaving opportunity for us to get creative and functional.

Here are tips + inspiration for creating functional spaces…


Workflow + Productivity

Identify your need. Take the time to brainstorm things you like to do or would do if you had a dedicated space for it. Next look at the space. If smaller, or awkward consider stacking or using space for multi purposes.

Colour + Style

It is all about mood! How do you want to feel, during the actions of your functional space? A reading nook or solarium, you might consider calming oasis colours. In a game room or fitness space, you might try colours that inspire energy and movement. Different styles can be incorporated to give a different feel and you can be very creative in your space when adding style with themes. Have fun with it!

Energy + Emotion

The best part about turning an unused room functional, is we often choose to transform them into spaces that make our lives easier or more productive. Just the action of the transformation itself creates a new mood and emotion. Try incorporating things you love, that are associated with the end results of your functionable space. For example, sewing rooms, paint studios, etc. can showcase finished work. Or other inspirational people you admire in the same industry.

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