Tips & Inspiration for Creating a Peaceful Calm Oasis in your Home

Our days can often be hectic, sometimes feel like the outside world is pressing and creeping into our after-work-end-of-the-day life. It can be difficult to unwind and find peace.

If it is a peaceful, safe and comforting oasis you seek when you enter your home, here are some tips and inspiration…


Colour + Style

Choose colours that make you feel calm. You will find cooler hue colours; in shades of blue, green, purple, gray are most often the best choices for reducing stress. Try and avoid bold and contrast colours, as they will startle the eye and make the mind active. This is great for areas in your home where you want energy and encourage productivity, however in areas you want calm, we suggest subtle colour flow, with gradual blends of colour, using texture and layers to create depth adding that warm enveloping feeling. Lighting can effect mood and colour. Mood lighting is a great way to evoke the tranquility you desire.

Energy + Emotion

Remove energy zappers, we want to feel calm and peaceful not depleted. Clutter and unfinished projects will subconsciously create anxiety and unrest. Remove items and redesign spaces that evoke unpleasant memories.

Identify your calming triggers. What gives you peace? Consider aroma, music, candles, water, books, items that bring you back to peaceful memories or photos of people and places that give you comfort.  Find ways to add your calming triggers into your décor.

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